Context of the pilot seminars

participative trainingAll the INSIST training modules and the recommendation reports are implemented as Pilot seminars on Intergenerational Transmission of SMEs in Hungary, Poland and United-Kingdom during the INSIST project.

If you are interested in benefiting of these Pilot seminar freely, please contact us via the links hereafter.

The Pilot seminars deploy a customised version of the INSIST Training modules depending on the specific needs of the target audience. The Pillot seminars are free access (no fees, as they have been supported in the framework of the ERASMUS + European programme), but prior registration and acceptation of that registration are mandatory.

N.B. supplementary information and links are displayed to registered and logged in users!

Prior to be selected you have to register (as a user and to a seminar event) and to provide indications on your needs so that trainers can better tune the seminar content:

  1. Get a user account and log in: loggin at the bottom of the page or create a user account (that new user account needs approval by an administrator).
  2. Then you will be invited to complete your profile (you may choose your language first by changing the flag at the top right corner).
  3. Provide some training needs info to the trainer by taking the quiz on the pre-requisite assessment.
  4. Provide a quick indication on motivations
  5. During the last session of the seminar you will be asked to provide a feeback

Please see the corresponding session in your country in the Pilot seminar calendar and once you have filled in the various steps above, you will be invited to one of the Pilot seminar sessions or asked to register on line depending on the country.

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Open Badges with INSIST

As the ECVET system, the European Credit system for Vocational and Education Training, is a long process and requires structural involvement at country and professional branch levels to be fully beneficial to the users. The INSIST partners, with the support of MAC-Team, decided to deploy the Open Badges approach supported by the Mozilla Foundation. This Open Badges approach is not implemented instead of the ECVET objective of the INSIST project, but very well in complement and the preparation of it.

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Open Badges ... on Open Badges with INSIST

In the series of quizzes on Open Badges, the present quiz corresponds to the first level in the category "Awareness on Open Badges in the INSIST context" (ref OP01-L01) out of four possible levels.

In totality there are 5 categories of quizzes on Open Badges (OP), each one with 4 levels (stars) of expertise/skills.

  1. OP01 - Awareness on Open Badges in the INSIST context
    1. * OP01-L01 - What is Open Badges?
    2. ** OP01-L02 - Key functional elements of Open Badges
    3. *** OP01-L03 - Context of Open Badges for the INSIST project
    4. **** OP01-L04 - Convergence OP and ECVET/ECTS.
  2. OP02 - Contributor in the development/design of OPs for the INSIST context
  3. OP03 - Ambassador - evangelise/disseminate the INSIST OPs
  4. OP04 - Gardener - implement/mainain INSIST OPs and its community
  5. OP05 - Manager - technical and conceptual implementation capacity of OPs in the INSIST context.
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