Quality Assurance objectives of the Pilot seminars

One of the objectives of the Pilot seminars is to test, improve and validate the INSIST training solution with the key target groups (SME owners, Mentors/practitioners, Trainers and MBA students). Therefore, the Pilot seminars are free, but in exchange a feedback and assessment input is requested to the participants.

Main steps of the Quality Assurance process collect various types of information. These information are kept anonymous for the confidential business part if needed:

  • The contact details and background information of the participants/trainees (the participant have to fill in their profile details on their user account on the INSIST website) 
  • A quiz on pre-requisite skills and knowledge to be taken by each participant/trainee before the seminar. The quiz is accessible on-line to each participant with his/her user account on the INSIST website.
    Two purposes for that quiz:
    • To prepare the participant to the pilot seminar. The quiz is not used to score a level. In addition the quiz provides further information to the participants on each answered question/topic. The participant can take the quiz as many times as he/she wants.
    • To collect an overview of the group to be trained before the seminar, so that the trainer can tune/customise the training in the best way.
  • A questionnaire on Motivations/expectation by each participant. These information can remain private. They are also used by the trainer to tune/customise the training in the best way.
  • A feedabck questionnaire to be filled in by each participant during the last session of a pilot seminar. In addition, debriefing moments can take place after each training session.
  • An assessment questionnaire to be filled in by each trainer on the pilot seminar itself (not specifically on the individual trainees).
  • In addition, depending on the topics, some on-line assessemnt, exercices or collaborative/participative activities can take place.

 The general structure of a/the Pilot seminar(s) can be found under: