Inception idea from Hungarian needs and economies in transition

25 years after entering capitalist operating mode, Hungary's business community, and certainly those of the other post-socialist countries, is facing a new challenge, the first generation change in small and medium size companies where owners and managers are approaching retirement age.

Along the last two decades the coordinator, the Budapest Business School (BBS), has become one of the major training providers in the field of entrepreneurship in Hungary. Soon after the change of the regime BBS realised that it was not enough to open the door before entrepreneurial endeavours, but also support from the training community is indispensible for the very different would-be entrepreneur populations.

At this genesis of the present proposal BBS has found little evidence of political or scientific preparatory work to help intergenerational succession in the Hungarian SMEs and even less training offers supporting this sensitive period. This aslo applies to the transmission and development phase of SME's.

Overwhelming proportion of new entrepreneurs launched their small, very often family company without the necessary knowledge, competences and skills of entrepreneurship. This revelation gave birth to intensive search of experience in partner EU countries and also at OECD and EU level. So BBS looked for experience in entrepreneurial training development in countries with long standing entrepreneurial culture and launched a number of bilateral and European projects in order to adapt trainings and pedagogical approaches. These efforts resulted in defining training modules and solution – face-to-face or virtual – for a variety of target groups, which is the objective of the INSIST project.