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As a global feedback:

  • The analysis conducted by MAC-Team highlighted the possibility of using Open Badges approaches to implement at a practical level and relatively quickly a quality assurance system of learning practices and outcomes (for the students and as well for the various stakeholders).
    This approach can be implemented with a self-assessment part of the system, which empowers the user and enables him/her to progress beyond the simple training or learning activity (including the possibility of managing other open badges in a lifelong learning mind-set). This Open Badges approach also provides practical intermediary steps compatible with ECVET approaches or converging ECVET/ECTS approaches, which usually take more time to deploy especially at national and European levels.
    The convergence of the various systems, including with the Open Badges is also important in a relative near future. Even if the Open Badges bring in all the flexibility, speed and openness on qualifications and valorisation of capacities and capabilities, after a first booming phase, there will be the need for visibility and clarity in the profiles and in the recognition of the valorisation. A combined approach with then be the expected solution, but this time leaving more room to the direct users of a learning and value system (learners, knowledge/capacity contributors, socio-economic actors) instead of being only left to normative and reductive approaches.
  • The strength of Open Badges also comes from the empowerment of learners and capacity builders via effective action and practices at field level (by and from the users).